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Family Day is Monday, Feb. 15

Open Noon-4 pm


Come down to the YMCA for a tour

It's the New Year and a perfect time to think about making a change for the better.
While healthy living is not only about hitting the gym, exercise can be the key to making so many other parts of your life work better for you. At the YMCA of Saskatoon we are a community, supporting each other and the programs we run aimed at children and families. You can be a part of that community while you work on your physical and mental health through exercise and activity.
We offer a wide variety of drop-in classes, great cardio and weight room facilities, a full sized gym, court sports and a pool. If you have been away from the YMCA for a while, come for a tour and see our upgraded facilities.
During the month of February existing members, and new individual members, can upgrade their memberships to include their families for one month for free!
Because at the YMCA, we believe families are stronger when they spend more time together having fun!





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