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Child care at the YMCA of Saskatoon


The essential concern of the YMCA Child Development Centres is to ensure the well being and safety of every child in our care. We will provide a loving, warm environment in which the children are free to develop as individuals. Through a variety of enriching programs, we will endeavor to assist the children in their explorations around them.


  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Trained staff in early childhood development
  • Trained staff in CPR and First Aid
  • Staff follow the YMCA “Playing to Learn” program planning
  • Natural, shady and fenced outdoor play areas
  • Programs that develop the child’s spirit, mind, and body
  • FREE YMCA memberships for children enrolled in the child development centres
  • Access to government subsidy and early childhood professionals


a.      To provide quality care for the children in a positive, guided, pleasant and child directed atmosphere.

b.      To meet the needs and interests of the children by providing a variety of activities that develops social, emotional, cognitive and gross motor abilities. 

c.       To allow children to make choices and have a less formally structured environment in which to enhance their creativity, self-concept and self-esteem. 

d.      To direct children to be responsible for their actions and for the consequences of such actions and to show the children a non-violent solution to their problems, conflicts and issues. 

e.      To employ Early Childhood Educators who are qualified and educated in Early Childhood Education as well as First Aid/CPR. This ensures the children receive high quality care, nurturing, appropriate guidance and social interaction.

Where do I Start?

You must take into consideration your child's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development as well as his/her personality to find the best care for your child. Beyond your child's needs, it is important to consider your own! Ask yourself the following questions. Use the answers to help you choose the proper care for you and your child. 

Identifying your child’s needs:

Is your child very active? Does s/he need a lot of structured play?
Does your child do better with only one or two caregivers?
Does your child have diverse needs? For example, special physical, emotional, language needs.
Does your child seem happier with children of his/her own age or with children of different ages?

What are the five most important things you want for your child when s/he is in the care of someone else? (e.g. type of discipline, type of play, emphasis on literacy, emphasis on interaction with others.)

Identifying your needs:

Do you require care before 7:30 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.?
Do you require full-time, part-time, or on-call care?
Do you want care close to your work or close to your home?
Do you have two or more children that you want to be together in care?


Contact information:

YMCA Downtown Child Development Centre
Veronica Fusnik, Director
Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 232
Fax: 306-652-2828

Joanne Speirs, Business Administrator
Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 232
Fax: 306-652-2828


YMCA Child Development Centre Martensville
Caley Eikelenboom, Business Administrator
Tel: 306-955-9599
Fax: 306-955-9577


YMCA Child Development Centre Sutherland
Lydie Kabanga, Assistant Director
Tel: 306-374-5775


Early Years Matter

The YMCA of Saskatoon is an enthusiastic participant in the Saskatoon Early Years Partnership -- a leadership team of Early Years, Parenting and Community Professionals dedicated to the investment in children, our future.

It's strategic aim is that by 2018, 82% of Saskatoon and Region children in kindergarten will score ‘ready’ for the transition to school (no delays in any of the 5 EDI domains – 2012 baseline at 70%), AND by 2020, 90% of Saskatoon and Region children will score ready for transition to school. The three areas of focus are: parenting supports and education; mental health and well-being of children and their families; quality, universal, affordable, developmentally and culturally appropriate childcare. (


 Early Years Matter video