Childcare Frequently Asked Questions

When do the children nap?
The children who require naps have rest time from 12 – 2:00 each day. Napping requirements are different for each child, and some children require shorter nap times or less frequent naps (one every 2 or 3 days). Children who do not need to nap have the option to have a shorter quiet time, and then participate in quiet free play activities.

Do parents need to supply meals and snacks?
All snacks and meals are provided on site. Our meal plan includes a light breakfast, hearty lunch, and afternoon snack. Our menu is designed with the nutritional needs of children in mind, and we aspire to serve nutritious meals that the children will enjoy, offering a wide array of fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads and pastas. Parents of children with special dietary needs are required to provide meals and snacks from home if the child is not able to eat the food that is provided at the centre.

Why do you have pets in your centres?
The program in a YMCA childcare centre is implemented with a living curriculum in mind, which includes live plants and animals. These elements help to create the calm, homelike environments that we strive for. Centres may have living creatures such as fish, guinea pigs or small reptiles that the children help care for. Centre staff members are sensitive to children’s allergies, and if a child’s health has the potential to be negatively affected by certain animals, the animals are moved to a different room or centre.

Is there part-time, casual or drop in care?
Our centres accept children in full time spaces. Due to a high demand for our spaces, drop in and casual care is not available. During the summer months, we may have spaces available that are vacated temporarily by families that do not require summer care. These spaces may be available on a monthly basis.

What if my child will be away for a while?
We always appreciate knowing in advance if children will be away. However, if your account remains in good standing, you will not lose your spot if you are away. Full childcare fees apply, even if you will be away.

When are fees due?
Childcare fees are due at the beginning of each month of care.

How can payment be made?
All of our YMCA Childcare Centres accept payment through preauthorized bank withdrawal or preauthorized charge to Visa or Mastercard.  

Do I get a free YMCA membership or swimming lessons?
Every child enrolled in a YMCA Saskatoon Child Development Centre is eligible for a free YMCA child membership.

How do you manage difficult behavior in children?
The behaviour management techniques that our YMCA educators use with young children will vary depending the child’s age, personality and the circumstances surrounding the behavior. Children may be redirected in their play, or may be asked to join a staff member in a quiet place to calm down. If you have concerns or questions about how to help support your child’s behavior, please speak with our qualified staff members.

How do I enroll my child
Start by contacting your preferred centre. Some age groups have lengthy waiting lists, and by knowing your childcare needs in terms of times of day you require care and the ages of your children, we can do our best to ensure you can access childcare as soon as possible.

Contact information:

YMCA Downtown Child Development Centre
Veronica Fusnik, Director
Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 232
Fax: 306-652-2828

YMCA Child Development Centre Martensville
Veronica Fusnik, Director
Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 232
Fax: 306-652-2828

Joanne Speirs, Assistant Director
Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 232
Fax: 306-652-2828

YMCA Child Development Centre Sutherland
Lydie Kabanga, Assistant Director
Tel: 306-374-5775