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Back to Basics with Adam Neufeld

Adam Neufeld is a certified personal trainer and strength specialist, with over 15 years of weight room and sports experience, and a unique background in exercise science, physiology, and nutrition. He is an advanced-level lifter, year-round soccer player, and freestyle snowboarder. Having earned a BA (psychology) and an MSc (neuroscience), from Carleton University, Adam offers a holistic, educational, and personal approach to training, and is known for empowering others to achieve their own goals and results. Adam's blog is meant to inspire further discussion and inquiry, and his comments and views are his own and don't necessarily represent the views of the YMCA of Saskatoon.


Adam Neufeld's Strength & Conditioning class

Runs Monday evenings in the YMCA gym. Members pay $6 for the class, and non-members pay $11. It is a popular and very challenging circuit workout involving sleds, weights and chains, and ropes, but people of ALL fitness levels are welcome and may participate at their own appropriate level.

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Stretching 101

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Proper Warm-Ups

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