What can Personal Training do for you?

Take a look at some testimonials from YMCA of Saskatoon members:

"I began having sciatic back pain about 2 months ago, that continued to become progressively more painful, and walking even short distances (i.e. From my driveway to my living room) caused me severe pain. At times, I was unable to walk even that distance.
I made an appointment with my family physician, and he prescribed me muscle relaxants, medication for nerve pain, and high dose pain medication. The side effects of all this medication included drowsiness, increased appetite, and lack of mental clarity, and unfortunately little to no pain relief. The option of surgical intervention became a possibility, but I did not want to go down that road, unless it was absolutely necessary.
As an existing YMCA member, I had gotten to know Adam Neufeld, and I thought it would be worthwhile to explore whether he could help first, before I considered anything more dramatic. Eventually, I approached him about helping me with my back pain. I explained my situation to him, and he informed me that he might be able to help, by implementing a specific combination of exercises and stretches.
After only 2 sessions with Adam, I experienced a dramatic change in my condition. Almost all my symptoms disappeared, and I was 95% pain free, and could walk with no difficulty. Today, I no longer take any medication, and I remain pain free, and have returned to my normal life.
I have worked with other trainers in the past, and I have found Adam to be extremely knowledgeable and competent. He relieved my pain and I am so grateful for his help, and to the YMCA for hiring good trainers.
I continue to work regularly with Adam, and not only am I gaining more strength, but I am also losing weight, as well!
Thank you so much, Adam!"



"I used to struggle with creating and sticking to my own workout plans, but since I have started training with Adam, things have improved greatly! Working with someone who has a genuine passion and knowledge for strength training, other components of a healthy lifestyle, and making sure that one can achieve their goals, has been awesome. Also knowing that if I have any questions or concerns about an exercise, I can shoot Adam an email or approach him at the gym makes working out a lot more enjoyable. I feel stronger, I have more confidence, and I am more sure of my abilities in the weight room thanks to Adam's guidance. I without a doubt recommend trying one of Adam's classes, or signing up for personal/group training, it could be the breakthrough you were looking for."



"I developed some problems in my hip – possibly a pinched sciatic nerve. This was not due to an injury.  My doctor suggested physio but that didn't help in my specific situation. He felt it might be beneficial if I contacted Adam Neufeld – a personal trainer – at the YMCA.
I grabbed my cane and went to meet with Adam.  After speaking with me about my symptoms – he felt he could help me with a series of exercises and stretching techniques. I had 3 sessions with Adam.  I found him to be very professional, polite and very patient.
I am a 71 year old female who has not been very active. After the first session, I didn’t need to use the cane to get around.
The exercises and stretches were very painful but I could feel some progress and loosening of the muscles. He suggested some exercises to do at home. He never wavered in his encouragement and explained how important it was for me to continue to be active.
I feel like a new person – I’m not using the cane or showing signs of pain. This was truly a good experience and I would recommend him to anyone with a similar problem such as mine.
I love stories with a happy ending!"



"I started training at the YMCA with Adam Neufeld at the end of January 2016. Since then there hasn’t been a day gone by that I have regretted my decision to do so. My experience with Adam as my personal trainer has been nothing but positive. Not only is he very knowledgeable in the fitness and nutritional world, but he is also very devoted to his clients’ success and well being both in and out of the gym. Most of our sessions together have involved a combination of free weight and weight machine exercises. Going into our sessions I wasn’t the most confident in lifting weights, but Adam does a great job of breaking each exercise down into parts and providing effective and memorable cues for each exercise. Adding to that Adam is very helpful and open about answering any questions I had and for providing extra tips and advice to help lose weight. I have learned a lot from Adam and always leave each session feeling better about myself and with a sense of accomplishment. With that being said I would highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer to anyone!"



"I had a great experience training with Adam as part of the program design option. Adam is an enthusiastic and helpful trainer. He is knowledgeable, approachable and willing to explain aspects of the program in detail to help you understand the structure of and purpose behind the exercises. I've been training with Adam for almost 6 months. I regularly follow-up with Adam whenever I have questions or concerns and he is very responsive. Adam is also great to train with because he is friendly, professional and organized. Initially Adam and I had a consultation to discuss the goals and intentions behind the workout design and we have been progressing toward those goals. I am very happy with my experience training with Adam and would easily recommend him to friends."



"A couple of months ago I was telling a colleague that I wanted to start working out to get into better shape.  It had been years since I went to a gym and was a little nervous about getting back into it.  I explored the idea of personal training sessions but wasn't successful in finding someone that I was comfortable with.  My colleague was a member at the YMCA and he suggested that I meet Adam Neufeld from the Y.  Adam and I connected and we set up a meeting.  When I met Adam I was very comfortable - he showed me around the facility, asked me about my goals and experience, and explained the personal training packages that he offered.  I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge.  He explained his process that he used with new clients and laid out the expectations for me in a clear and honest fashion.  
After my meeting with Adam I was very excited to join the YMCA and begin working with him.  I have enjoyed my sessions with Adam - he is always very organized which allows us to get the most out of our time.  He takes time to explain clearly the various exercises that we do, and why we do them, so that I understand the overall benefit.  He is very encouraging and motivates me to always give my best.  I have also been attending his "Strength and Conditioning Classes" on Mondays and Friday evenings.  These classes are fun and challenging - a much better workout that I could do on my own.
Overall I am very pleased with my experience at the YMCA.  All of the staff are friendly and professional, as are the other members.  My work with Adam has not only resulted in strength and agility improvements, but also a heightened sense of confidence and well-being.  I am excited to continue my journey at the YMCA - and the outcomes associated with regular fitness and exercise routines."