YMCA of Saskatoon History

The YMCA of Saskatoon is an important multi-service charitable organization that has served Saskatoon for more than 110 years.

Our Story. Your Story.

The YMCA story is about enriching communities and lives by helping people grow in spirit, mind and body. From fitness and health, to swimming and camping, child care, employment training and international development, the list of YMCA service achievements goes on and on.

The first YMCA opened in North America in Montreal on November 25, 1851. Originally a place for young men interested in putting religious teachings into practice, the YMCA expanded to offer public debates and lectures, language and music classes, exercise and social activities.

By the year 1908, the YMCA reached Saskatoon, operating out of church basements and public spaces. Funds were raised to build a facility on the corner of 20th Street and Spadina Crescent, featuring a 60 x 20 foot swimming pool where many Saskatoon youngsters learned to swim. The building opened in early 1913 and was a busy centre of activity for more than five decades.

The present YMCA officially opened on September 6, 1969. The Saskatoon YMCA serves over 6000 individuals through membership and program participation. Services range from on-site and in-school childcare to summer day camps to health, fitness and recreation programs.


Saskatoon is a diverse community, where people are healthy and have a collective sense of belonging.

We believe:
  • In the potential and worth of every person;
  • We are dynamic and meet the needs of the community today;
  • The YMCA is a movement;
  • That belonging to the YMCA makes you stronger; and
  • That everyone has leadership potential.

Core values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Acceptance
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness


Healthy Living Starts Here

We promote healthy experiences for children, teens and adults. We offer programs to help children strive, grow and develop, and we promote active and outdoor playtime every day in all childcare programs.

Helping Families Starts Here

We ensure adults and their families have access to quality fitness facilities with a focus on overall health, regardless of income level, and ensure quality childcare remains accessible to all Saskatoon families.

Strategic Plan to 2020
Belonging Starts Here

We are committed to helping people feel engaged and connected to their community and each other. People who are connected to the YMCA report they are happier and healthier.

Family Fitness
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