Childcare through the YMCA

play, learn & grow.

YMCA of Saskatoon provides childcare spaces in Saskatoon and Martensville for kids to play, learn and grow in a healthy, supportive environment. We focus on Play to Learn, a curriculum developed by YMCA Canada that focuses on holistic development by encouraging child-centred, interest-based free play and exploration.

For more information on the Play to Learn Curriculum, visit our FAQ page.

Childcare FAQ

Childcare Centre Services
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Professional staff that ware certified Early Childhood Educators
  • Trained staff in early childhood development
  • Trained staff in CPR and First Aid
  • Staff follow the YMCA “Playing to Learn” program and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Early Learning "Play and Exploration" program planning.
  • Natural, shady and fenced outdoor play areas
  • Programs that develop the child’s spirit, mind, and body
  • FREE YMCA memberships for children enrolled in the child development centres
  • Access to government subsidy and early childhood professionals
Application Process

Start by contacting your preferred centre. Some age groups have lengthy waiting lists, and by knowing your childcare needs in terms of times of day you require care and the ages of your children, we can do our best to ensure you can access childcare as soon as possible.

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Childcare Subsidy

Licensed childcare may give you the opportunity, depending on your gross monthly income, to receive subsidy for your child's care.

To find out if you may qualify for subsidy, call 1-800-667-7155

Be prepared to provide the assessor with your average gross family income, and the total childcare fees that you will be expected to pay to the childcare facility.

childcare locations

YMCA Downtown Child Development Centre

Veronica Fusnik, Director

Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 211
Fax: 306-652-2828

Joanne Speirs, Senior Business Daycare Administrator

Tel: 306-652-7515, ext. 229
Fax: 306-652-2828
Email: Veronica Fusnik or Joanne Speirs

YMCA Child Development Centre Martensville

Caley Eikelenboom,
Business Administrator

Tel: 306-955-9599
Fax: 306-955-9577
Email: Caley Eikelenboom

YMCA Child Development Centre Sutherland


Tel: 306-374-5775

YMCA Child Development Centre Fairhaven

Diane Brakefield,

Business Administrator

Tel: 306-244-2442

Email: Diane Brakefield


The YMCA of Saskatoon is an enthusiastic participant in the Saskatoon Early Years Partnership -- a leadership team of Early Years, Parenting and Community Professionals dedicated to the investment in children, our future.

It's strategic aim is that by 2018, 82% of Saskatoon and Region children in kindergarten will score ‘ready’ for the transition to school AND by 2020, 90% of Saskatoon and Region children will score ready for transition to school.

The three areas of focus are:

  • parenting supports and education;
  • mental health and well-being of children and their families;
  • quality, universal, affordable, developmentally and culturally appropriate childcare.

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