Management & Board

Dean Dodge
Chief Executive Officer
306-652-7515 ext 226
Jack Miller
Business Manager
306-652-7515 ext 223 or 306-321-4946
RaeLynn Hildebrandt
Accounting Manager
306-652-7515 ext 228
Veronica Fusnik
Director of Child Development
306-652-7515 ext 211
Joanne Speirs
Senior Business Daycare Administrator
306-652-7515 ext 229
Tetiana Kalenska
Before and After School Care Director
306-652-7515 ext 242
Rebecca Newson
Aquatics Director
306-652-7515 ext 227
Sheralee Teichroeb
306-652-7515 ext 248
Serena Dallas
Marketing/Community/Sales Director
306-652-7515 ext 267
Bobbi Janzen
Fitness Director
306-652-7515 ext 224
Caley Eikelenboom
Martensville Childcare Business Administrator
Galina Braun
Accounts Receivable Administrator
306-652-7515 ext 251
Jake Astillero
Director of Youth Leadership Programs
306-652-7515 ext 259
Jamie McCulloch
Director of Child and Youth Programs
306-652-7515 ext 259
Kendra Sepke
Before and After School Care Co-Coordinator
Kessa Gerein
Before and After School Care Co-Coordinator


The YMCA of Saskatoon is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which is comprised of 14 representatives from the community, who are responsible for the vision and the strategic direction of the Association.

Board of Directors

  • Ryan Chute - President
  • Jordyn Allen
  • Jared Domre
  • Daniel Ford Beavis
  • Pat Hoffman
  • Ann March
  • Pauline Melis
  • Paul Miazga
  • Jonathan Neufeld
  • Randy Pangborn
  • Ralph Schneider
  • Mike Scoon


Over the course of a year, the YMCA of Saskatoon may carry out business transactions with suppliers of goods and services with whom there exists a non-arm’s length relationship with either directors or senior managers of the YMCA. These transactions occur through the normal course of operations, are subject to normal procurement practice and policies and are reviewed in conjunction with the audit. To date, these transactions have averaged less than $10,000 annually.

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