YMCA of Saskatoon Parent Advisory Council

What is it?
A group of parents who the YMCA Child Care staff can approach to obtain the parental opinion on an issue, a program, and the priorities of the YMCA Child Development Centres. It is a voluntary committee and it is only one of the ways parents can provide feedback to the YMCA Child Care staff.
Why is it important?

If enrolled at a YMCA Child Development Centre, your child will spend 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 or so weeks a year in the program - a pivotal experience. Parental feedback is vitally important and a licensing requirement set out by the Minister of Education, Early Learning and Child Care.

While the YMCA Child Care staff are open to comments and questions, it is helpful to have a sounding board made up of a group of people to further flesh out ideas and concepts. The members of the PAC are able to table concerns or issues in a more formal manner.

What do we talk about?
Perhaps the question could be: What don’t we talk about? We cover a lot of ground in our meetings. There is a centre update, any upcoming events or special dates, PAC promotional media and the website, food services and issues related to safety, fundraising, and much, much, more. We do talk about our kids and how much we appreciate the efforts made where those little people are concerned.
How does it work?
Just come to a meeting. There is only one formal position, the chair, and we rotate the minute taking responsibilities. Childcare is available. Remember – meetings are usually never more than one hour.
When do we meet?
The meetings are once a month, usually alternating between the first or second Monday or Tuesday of each month to pick up people who have regularly scheduled activities on one of those nights.

For more information

on the PAC committee at your Child Care Centre, please see your

Centre Supervisor

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