YMCA of Saskatoon Community Partners

We are a vital part of our vibrant community! We frequently join forces with other worthy organizations to offer more opportunities for individuals, families and children across Saskatoon.

Saskatoon Community Foundation Signature Grant

In 2015, Greg Keller, Chair of the Saskatoon Community Foundation, announced that the Foundation’s 2015 Signature Grant of $50,000.00 had been awarded to YMCA of Saskatoon for the renovation of its childcare playground.

In 2015, the SCF focused its Signature Grant on “The Early Years,” reflecting studies that show the first 2,000 days of life are crucial in setting patterns that significantly affect outcomes for children in our community. The SCF said the Signature Grant to YMCA is part of its strategy to make a long-term positive impact on the lives of our youngest citizens. The YMCA has been ensuring that the people who live and work in the city have access to high-quality childcare for decades, protecting and promoting the health and well-being of Saskatoon’s youngest citizens.

“The Saskatoon Community Foundation Signature Grant will help the YMCA provide first-rate childcare, with a unique playground that will help generations of children develop and grow,” said Dean Dodge, CEO of YMCA Saskatoon.

To find out about the Saskatoon Community Foundation, and the grants it offers, please visit their website.

Early Years Matter

The YMCA of Saskatoon is an enthusiastic participant in the Saskatoon Early Years Partnership -- a leadership team of Early Years, Parenting and Community Professionals dedicated to the investment in children, our future.

It's strategic aim is that by 2018, 82% of Saskatoon and Region children in kindergarten will score ‘ready’ for the transition to school (no delays in any of the 5 EDI domains – 2012 baseline at 70%), AND by 2020, 90% of Saskatoon and Region children will score ready for transition to school. The three areas of focus are: parenting supports and education; mental health and well-being of children and their families; quality, universal, affordable, developmentally and culturally appropriate childcare. (http://saskatoonric.ca/sric-operations/iag/early-childhood-development)

Day of Caring

Day of CaringĀ® is a partnership between United Way of Saskatoon and Area, business and labour groups, local sponsors and United Way funded agencies and programs. This event is an opportunity for participants to experience the rewards of volunteerism, demonstrating what a difference they can make in our community by working together.

In 2016, the YMCA of Saskatoon was fortunate enough to have three separate groups donate their time and energy to improving our facilities and helping in our mission of Building Healthy Communities.

On Monday, May 16, a team of volunteers from the University Heights branch of RBC came out to the YMCA Sutherland Childcare Centre to help spruce up the playground for the kids.

The team painted and stained benches and play structures, re-did some brick pathway, cleaned up under the hedges and prepared a flowerbed.

On Tuesday, June 14 a group of workers from the Cargill facility in Clavet descended in force on the same playground and refurbished a sandbox area, chopped down about 80 feet of overgrown hedges in preparation for a new fence, cleanded around bushes, expanded the paved walkway at the street and installed a basement window well. Cargill will also be footing the bill for a new chainlink fence to keep the kids safe - a gesture for which we can't thank them enough!

On Wednesday, June 15 the staff from the RBC branch at Avenue C and Circle Drive gave their time and energy to the playground behind the downtown YMCA building, preparing flowerbeds and installing new landscaping ties.

Were the YMCA to pay for the labour involved in all these projects, we would be able to sponsor far fewer children and families for our programs like Before and After School Care, summer camps and swimming lessons. Our great corporate partners have had a very real impact on improving our community, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

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