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YMCA of Saskatoon​

YMCA Member Guidelines

At YMCA of Saskatoon, we want everyone to enjoy their experience. These member guidelines should help!

Man chest pressing a weight with another person watching.
As a member, you are responsible to follow certain rules of etiquette and conduct. Let us know if you have questions or concerns. We do not permit:

The YMCA Reserves The Right

To deny access or membership to any person who has been charged or convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse, is or has been a registered sex offender, has ever been convicted of any offense related to the sale, possession and/or transportation of illegal drugs, or is currently under the influence of illegal or dangerous drugs or chemicals, narcotics, or intoxicating beverages.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in suspension and/or cancellation of membership and/or removal from the building, property, or event, at the discretion of YMCA management. Any member directly affected by such action who feels that the action is unwarranted, unfair or excessive may appeal such action in writing to the Governance and Board Development committee who will make a recommendation to the Board. The Board decision, after having given the member concerned the opportunity to be heard, shall be final.

What to do: Anyone who feels that this Code of Conduct is being violated should immediately report the behavior to a staff person on duty.

YMCA Facility Guidelines

When using our facility, there's a few rules we want you to keep in mind: (updated September 21, 2023)

Photography Policy

Public Spaces

The YMCA of Saskatoon recognizes that changes in the way people communicate and share their stories with each other has made photography a common part of everyday life.

We also recognize that the advent of inexpensive, high-quality digital photography equipment has created a new, ubiquitous behaviour whereby many parents extensively document the lives of their children.Therefore, it is not inappropriate in the public spaces of our facility to use photography to celebrate successes, share special moments or encourage others to pursue healthy lifestyles.

However, if you do choose to use your smartphone, or any other camera, we ask that you show courtesy toward other users of the facility and exhibit discretion in what you capture in the scene.
Please limit your photos to your own activities, and make every effort to protect the privacy of others.

Private Spaces

It remains forbidden to take photos or videos anywhere there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, including all YMCA change rooms, showers, steam rooms, saunas, family change rooms, bathrooms, etc. Contravention of this rule is grounds for immediate cancellation of your membership and prohibition from future use of the YMCA, and may result in further action by the Saskatoon Police Service.