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YMCA of Saskatoon Health and Fitness

YMCA of Saskatoon

Health & Fitness

Joining the YMCA is more than joining a gym. Our community of members helps each other grow, lead and give back so we can all shine brighter, together.

Choose from a variety of ways to get fit and healthy. We offer state-of-the-art exercise rooms, group fitness classes, aquatics programs and more.

TURN OFF “Maybe tomorrow.”

TURN OFF “I don’t know where to start”

TURN OFF “I can’t”


Turn off hesitation. Turn off doubt. Turn off fears. 

When given support, positivity and guidance, we believe that you can turn off the things that are holding you back. When you turn off the obstacles holding you back, you can turn on what makes you shine brighter.

Turn on: Confidence, connection, and possibilities.

The YMCA will help you find your SPARK!

YThrive Fitness Coaching

YThrive Fitness Training is included in your YMCA Membership. Choose from 5 programs, each designed to meet your fitness goals. You recieve a refreshed program every 30 days.
Child laughing with other children in gymnasium.

Did you know your gym is also a charity?

We rely on your support. Together with generous donors like you, the YMCA of Saskatoon works to meet urgent needs so more people can lead, healthy, happy lives.