Internal Job Posting - Business Administrator/Planning Support

Position Title: Business Administrator/Planning Support (Sutherland Child Development Centre)

Position Type: Full-time, the term is covering 12-months maternity leave

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary: Hourly; Compensation to commensurate with experience

Start Date: TBD


Job Summary:
Reporting to the Manager of Child Development, the Business Administrator/Planning Support is a full-time position responsible for the day-to-day and long-term management of the operational components of the Sutherland centre. The Business Administrator/Planning Support is required to have expertise and skills in business practices to provide leadership to the organization, ensuring business success including fiscal well-being, compliance with legislation, employee contentment and customer satisfaction with the service provided. He/she must work closely with the Manager and Pedagogical Leader to ensure the business operations support the provision of quality early learning program, this includes ensuring that all program quality requirements are met as per the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and YMCA Canada. This position requires a commitment to the YMCA mission and core values of honesty, respect, caring, acceptance, responsibility, and fairness. The YMCA also requires strict adherence to YMCA Child Protection Policies and Procedures and requires a clear criminal record check. The YMCA is committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce through equitable participation of persons from diverse groups.

• Manage the day-to-day operations and finances of the Centre. This includes: Ensuring that complete and accurate financial records are maintained; Ensuring that budgets are submitted to funding agents as required; Purchasing services, supplies, and equipment as approved by the Manager of Child Development; Coding credit card receipts; Submitting cheque requests; Coding bills and invoices for payments pending and passing them on to the accountant so they may be paid; Ensuring that centre is maintained and in a neat, organized, and safe manner; Maintaining communication and liaison with relevant community agencies; Ensuring that all YMCA Child Protection and Saskatchewan Ministry of Education requirements are met at the centre; Approving employees payroll; Keeping staff and children’s files current and in accordance with regulations; Reviewing and update menus to ensure compliance with legislation and nutritional standards.

• Ensure that the Centre meets all legal requirements: Keeping up to date records and files as deemed necessary by the Association/CEO/Board and Child Care Regulations; Informing the Manager of Child Development of the results of all visits and reports from licensing bodies; Recognizing, documenting, and taking appropriate action in cases of suspected abuse, illness or accident, including reporting the incident as a serious occurrence; Ensuring the safety of the physical environment for the children and inform of any maintenance of the space to the building manager. (Weekly walks through); Organizing monthly fire drills; Being familiar with all relevant legislation and agreements that will influence business operation and ensure the business complies with all requirements (The Child Care Act 2014, The Child Care Regulations 2015, The Non-Profit Corporations Act, The Saskatchewan Employment Act, The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, etc.); Ensuring that the business meets all child care licensing requirements, and any applicable municipal licensing requirements. 

• Perform the following HR functions: Screening of applicants and participation in the selection of staff as a member of the interviewing committee; Training of new staff members including an explanation of Centre philosophy, routines and procedures, personnel guidelines and staff responsibilities; Provide on floor support for the educators for a minimum of 20 hours a week (covering for planning time, mini meetings, sick or absent educators); Training, support and covering for the kitchen staff; Ensuring staff evaluations are completed (with the Pedagogical Leader); Monitor and support employee satisfaction within the organization; Recognize each employee as an individual and consider his/her unique needs (interaction style, culture, etc.) while ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all employees; Model and embrace inclusive practices and acceptance of diversity (culture, ability, family structure, language, etc.); Resolve conflicts in respectful ways and ensure a fair resolution as required; Create and maintain an environment where diverse opinions are respected and valued; Ensure employees feel safe and supported to share ideas, listen, learn from and seek to understand the ideas of others; Ensure staff and children’s files are completed and up-to-date; Ensure staff certifications and trainings are completed and up-to-date (First Aid CPR, Criminal Record checks, Child Protection training); Complete registration forms for the staff to attend classes, seminars, webinars and workshops; Process all the documentation needed for professional development reimbursement; Ensure personal guidelines are followed; Ensure that the operational policies established by the Association/Board/CEO are implemented; Ensure Parent Handbook is reviewed annually. 

• Develop and maintain positive public relations for the Centre, and work to promote improvements in the quality of the child care. This includes maintaining a harmonious, cooperative relationship with the Public and Catholic School Boards, the association as a whole, as well as any other organization the Centre may have an affiliation with; Encouraging and facilitating professionalism within the organization and with the organization’s interactions with other organizations and partners; Communicating effectively and work collaboratively with other employees as well as families, school and community members when appropriate; Keeping up with current ideas and research pertaining to child care; Explaining various aspects of the Centre to interested members of the general public.

• Maintain communication with parents. This includes interacting and communicating respectfully with families including initial registration, collection of fees and ensuring customer satisfaction with the child care services provided; Orienting new families; Referring parents in need of help to appropriate agencies; Typing up a monthly newsletter; Organizing and leading Parent Advisory Committee Meetings; Communicating with parents/guardians regarding child development and performance; Ensuring families receive relevant information regarding centre policies, procedures, and events.

• Supervise children. This includes direct supervision of children and staff during the specified hours of operation of the childcare centre; Using guidance and discipline strategies that are consistent with the philosophy of the YMCA of Saskatoon; Ensuring that all activities offered at and away from the centre are carried out in a safe and efficient manner; Overseeing schedules to reflect the needs of the children enrolled in care; Demonstrating and using positive guidelines such as modelling, redirecting, positive language, and positive reinforcement

Required Skills and Qualifications:
• Experience working with children of all ages.

• Previous experience in a similar/related position.

• Early Childhood Education Level II Certification or Level III Diploma (or actively working towards completion).

• Computer literate and working knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel.

• Current First Aid, CPR, Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check

• Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation.

• Teamwork: Actively builds teams and encourages open relationships for maximum organizational effectiveness.

• Leadership: Guides, motivates and inspires self and others to take action to achieve desired outcomes.

• Planning and Organizing: Establishes a clearly defined and effective course of action for self and others to accomplish short- and long-term goals.

• Relationship Building and Collaboration: Builds positive interactions both internally and externally to achieve work-related goals.

• Flexibility/Managing Change: Ability to know your environment, initiate and respond effectively to changing conditions.

• Service Orientation: Deliberately identifies and creates opportunities to enhance each and every person’s YMCA experience.

• Commitment to the Vision and Values: Demonstrates and promotes a personal understanding of and appreciation for the mission, vision, strategic outcomes and values of the YMCA.

Please email your resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application deadline for internal candidates: November 19, 2021

If the position is not filled with an internal applicant, this job will be open to the public.