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LifeGuard and First Aid Training at the YMCA of Saskatoon

YMCA of Saskatoon

Lifesaving Training

YMCA First Aid Certification (with CPR-C and AED) and Lifeguard Training follows the Lifesaving Society’s mission “to prevent drowning and reduce water-related injury.”

Lifestyle Society of Canada

First Aid Certification
with CPR-C and AED

Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid is the most comprehensive first aid certification program for the general public and a prerequisite for National Lifeguard. Learn how to assess and treat airway, breathing, and circulatory emergencies; and manage medical, musculoskeletal, and environmental emergencies.

YMCA First Aid Certification and re-certification classes are ongoing. Please check back for future First Aid Class dates. 


Standard First Aid Certtification Course

YMCA of Saskatoon’s Standard First Aid Certification Program includes CPR-C and AED. This Lifesaving Society Standard First Air Course is recognized by Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Class A requirements. It also satisfies the prerequisite requirements for National Lifeguard Certification.

No Course this Summer

YMCA Members: $148.00 (with book)
Non-members: $165 (with book)

Standard First Aid Recertification

Standard First Aid recertification is available at the YMCA of Saskatoon. Candidates must bring proof of previous Standard First Aid CPR-C, and attend and pass the SFA/CPR recertification class and exam.

August Dates TBA

YMCA Members: $83.00
Non-members: $94.00
No charge for YMCA Fitness Volunteers
(Book available for purchase for an additional $20)

How to become a LIFEGUARD

The YMCA of Saskatoon is a leader in teaching lifesaving skills that will last a lifetime. 

If you are planning to become a Certified Lifeguard, or looking to protect your family while boating, the Bronze Medal training and certification series will set you on the path to developing fitness, skills and knowledge to execute a water rescue and respond to a non-aquatic emergency.

Bronze Cross and Bronze Medalion are prerequisites for National Lifeguard certification.

Bronze Star

Bronze Star is a certification program that helps individuals develop swimming proficiency, lifesaving skills, and improve personal fitness. Through this program, candidates will improve their stroke mechanics, learn self-rescue techniques, and apply proven fitness principles in training workouts. Additionally, Bronze Star provides an enjoyable introduction to the lifesaving sport.

Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion certification is a rigorous test that challenges the candidate both mentally and physically. The four components of water rescue - judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness - form the foundation of the Bronze Medallion training. Candidates will acquire assessment and problem-solving skills that are vital for making sound decisions in, on, and around the water.

Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross certification prepares candidates to become assistant lifeguards. It marks the transition from basic lifesaving skills to advanced techniques used in active surveillance in aquatic facilities. The program aims to strengthen and expand candidates' skills in lifesaving and rescue. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for advanced programs such as National Lifeguard award (NLS) and Lifesaving Instructor.

Lifesaving Society of Canada

National Lifeguard Award -

The National Lifeguard certification, provided by the Lifesaving Society, is Canada’s standard for professional lifeguards. This award enhances the fundamental skills, knowledge, and values required by lifeguards by developing the necessary practical skills and knowledge.
YMCA Lifeguard Certification and re-cert. classes are ongoing. Please check back for future Class dates.

National Lifeguard Training Course

Not offered this Summer. Watch for dates in the Fall Session!

Recognized as the standard measurement of lifeguard performance in Canada, National Lifeguard Award education is designed to develop a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgment, and a mature and responsible attitude toward the role of the lifeguard.

Requirements: age 15+. Must have proof of Bronze Cross (does not have to be current) and current Standard First Aid Certification with CPR-C

YMCA Members: $148.55
Non-members: $193.75
Plus the Alert Manual (mandatory): $43.00

National Lifeguard Recertification

Not Offered this Summer.

The purpose of an NLS Recertification is to reconfirm that National Lifeguards can perform at the NLS standard.

Requirements: Ages: 17+, Must have proof of National Lifeguard certification and Standard First Aid CPR-C.

YMCA Members: $68.82
Non-members: $77.70