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Girl drawing back a bow and arrow to fire.

YMCA of Saskatoon

Our Impact

The YMCA of Saskatoon is a charity empowering people with essential services, and opportunities to better their lives, and creating a stronger sense of community.

With support from donors like you, we deliver proven programs that help people turn off whatever’s holding them back.

Who We Help

From children who start their learning adventure in our child cares to families who rely on financial assistance to get active and healthy, people from all walks of life overcome barriers and reach their true potential at the Y.

YMCA of Saskatoon Media Room

YMCA of Saskatoon


Follow this link to access the YMCA of Saskatoon’s press releases, news coverage and past advertising campaigns.

You Can Help

Everyone deserves to lead a healthy, happy life. But too many are held back by mental health challenges, the housing crisis, un- and underemployment, a dearth of child care, and more.
By giving to the Y, you can help change that.

Your Donations help the YMCA