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Make A Gift In Your Will

Leave a legacy that will help your community shine.

Your gift can empower people with essential services, opportunities to better their lives, and a sense of belonging — now and long into the future.

What is a charitable bequest?

A charitable bequest is a gift specified in your last will and testament. It can be a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a percentage of your estate. Your bequest to the YMCA of Saskatoon will help ensure a brighter future for everyone in our community by funding vital services — from youth mental health and school programs to leadership programs, camps, newcomer youth groups, and beyond.

How does a bequest benefit me?

A charitable bequest is a way to make a lasting contribution to the YMCA of Saskatoon. It is an enduring statement of your generosity and care for our community. You will be providing future funding for the Y’s critical programs, making a long-term impact for generations to come.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning means having a plan for passing on everything you own, either through your will or by some other means.  There are some things you may want to distribute before you pass and others that you may want to deal with separately from the rest of your estate, such as any business interests.  For some of these things, you will need to make legal documents in addition to your will.

A lawyer or other estate planning professional can give you advice and help you choose how to deal with your estate. (*CRA website )

Having an up-to-date Will is important to ensure your loved ones are supported and your wishes become a reality. Without a valid Will, the laws in your region of residence will decide how your assets are distributed and who should care for minor children or pets. Creating a Will gives you the peace of mind of a well-thought-out plan.

How does it work?

Making a gift in your will is simple. You can choose to leave the YMCA of Saskatoon a specific amount of money or a percentage of your estate.  As you consider making a charitable bequest, you may wish to begin by having a conversation with your family and talk with your lawyer about creating or updating your will.

What are the tax benefits of a bequest?

Your estate will be issued a tax receipt for the full value of the amount of the bequest gift.  This resulting tax credit will reduce taxes owing on your final tax return.  With recent tax and estate legislation changes, eligible estates may now also claim tax credits in subsequent years.  We recommend you seek the advice of a tax professional who will be able to maximize your estate’s tax benefits.

Don't have a will?

This important document can also be a powerful force for good.  When creating a Will, you can decide to support causes that are important to you.  By adding a gift to your Will, you’re deciding today to make a positive impact tomorrow, leaving a better world for generations to come.

Are you considering creating or updating your Will?  Let us help.  There is no cost to you; you can save, update and print documents.  We encourage you to share them with your legal representative for additional guidance.  There’s no obligation to include a gift to YMCA of Saskatoon in your Will, but we hope you’ll choose to do so.

Click the Willfora Image below to learn more or to start creating your no-cost will.

Types of Bequests

Residual Bequest:
Donate all or a percentage of your estate
after all your debts, taxes, expenses and
other specific bequests (gifts to loved ones)
have been paid.

I give the residue of my estate [or
percentage of the residue] to the YMCA of

Specific Bequest:
Designate a specific dollar amount or piece
of property, such as real estate, securities
or other investments.

I give the sum of $XXX,XXX [or description
of property] to the YMCA of Saskatoon…

Contingent Bequest:
Takes effect only in the event that
the beneficiary predeceases you.

If [name of primary beneficiary] does not
survive me for 30 days, then I give
[description of gift] to the YMCA of Saskatoon…

Making Your Gift

Use our legal name
When including a gift to a charity in your will or any other document, please be sure to use our correct legal name:

YMCA of Saskatoon
25 22nd Street E
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7K 0C7
Charity Registration no.: 889538443 RR 0001

Keep us informed
Please consider informing us of your gift.  It provides us with an opportunity to thank you for your generosity.  Rest assured, we treat all notifications and communications with absolute confidentiality.  You can also fill out the following link, and we can follow up with you. Caribou Legacy Club Form

Caribou Legacy Club
Why become a member of the club?  To have the satisfaction of knowing that together, we have created a legacy to ensure the sustainability of the Y.  Also, it allows the Y to recognize you (if you choose) through annual events along with VIP access to behind-the-scenes areas of interest and more.   

Contact Us

To learn more and discuss your legacy, please contact:

Serena Dallas
Director of Philanthropy
306-652-7515 ext 267

DeeAnn Mercier

This information is not intended as legal or financial advice. We encourage you to consult a qualified professional advisor.